Tritya, a talent discovery and management firm. Bringing together fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industries for upgraded management services. Started in 2019, with a parent company later branched in 2021, with a vision to provide 360° talent management services for models, photographer, videographers, fashion designers, Graphic designers, fashion stylist, makeup & hair stylists to any professional needs. Our talents have been part of Films, TV Commercials, print shoots, Appearances, Events, Celebrity driven brand activations and many more. Along with bridging the gap between talent and its right use, we also provide Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Brand Management services.



TRITYA is  Mumbai based a registered GSTIN Indian company which is into fashion lifestyle and digital media industry. we are bringing all the related services which are the pillars of our fashion lifestyle and media industry.  

we are the hub of 



TRITYA is managing some of very talented fashion designers, graphic designers, fashion stylists, illustrators who are very talented with a big experience into fashion industry. they know how to grab challenges and finished task with a lot of creativity. we are associated with some of very known big brands who are keep believing on us and we are serving our best

We feel greed for challenging task all the time. taking things with a creative vision bring a lot of changes in our final output. 


we are an advance breed into technology

We truly believe that technology is the real game these days to make a brand into limelight. we are aware of its root and we know how to do our job to convert our client business with growth and creating a good name. we are master into developing web, writing content and providing best to best technical services into digital world. we have already created milestone while developing few websites and ranking them in India with a month which is like an impossible task. we create a best plan of action for any individual client or business and take it to the digital world which lead it to great success. 

Art lover

Every single artist in this world is an art lover. we do live for art and love for art. In a current time, we managing leading photography/videography with some of very big name and covering it with artistic mode. as we have given our years to this fashion industry so we really have some great sources to make any commercial or non-commercial project into success with fame.


We have a hardcore faith in victory and we know how it taste like. our moto is simple creating growth into our client business and establishment. we don’t take any second though about average growth or mediocre process. we know how to make it. you just need to share your vision with us and putting wings into it, will be our job. 


in a few world

we are badass. we are hustlers. we are focused only with growth.